shake a tailfeather

when i was in middle school, for some reason everyone in my class (or at least most of them, anyway) was convinced that they were gangsters. gangstas, to be more precise. so everyone's aol profiles were decked out in red and black impact and haettenschweiler fonts, proclaiming threats against anyone who dared to mess with their crew or talk shit about them. one popular term for gossiping that seemed to prevail over others was "flapping." as in, "you don't know shit about me, so stop flapping your mouth," or simply, "stop flapping." the phrase always made me cringe.. it made me think of skinny little preteen girls running around with no teeth.

anyway, there's no real reason that i brought that up except for the fact that that's the first thing i thought of when my roommate told me that there was going to be a speakeasy party on saturday. and then the second thing i thought was could this be any more perfect? the answer is no. i'm pretty positive that i'm the only girl who brought a flapper dress to college twice (that is, once in freshman year and once in sophomore year) on a single thread of hope that it might come in handy at some point. which reminds me, i've seen one too many of the same dress that i have going for hundreds on some reputable ebay stores. i mean, it's great if you want to pay that much for it, but you could easily go to any halloween store or website and pick up the same thing for about twenty or thirty bucks (plus a feather headband!).

but in typical me fashion, i'm taking this concept way too far, and i now want to go searching for an even better flapper dress.

p.s. this whole thing makes me think of agathe from stylebytes. is it just me or does that woman lead an absolutely charmed life? she's gorgeous, a lovely home, an impeccable sense of style, she spends her days and nights in the most idyllic ways i can imagine, and a stylish husband and adorable pet pig to boot! le sigh.

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a side order of style said...

I love to pretend I'm "gangsta"
especially when I'm decked out in the most proper clothing, I scare the young'nz i.e those in elementary/highschool, causing them to stare and realize how stupid they look...

btw your so not the only one to admire the stylebyte lifestyle, I sigh with you my friend...