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photography by hilde groven at phiary.

over spring break with my roommates, i proposed the notion that from now on, live in pursuit of aesthetic pleasure and nothing else, and let the rest fall into place accordingly.

sara retorted that, though it's a good idea, the essence of an aesthetically pleasing life is the money used to achieve that goal. money that we don't have at this stage in our lives.

then i'll consider this a personal challenge. all or nothing.


a side order of style said...

True say, currently working at Mexx, and even with my 50% discount I totally am taunted by stunning clothing i can't afford! I go to ikea and can't buy the bedroom set I want. Oh the perils you face in the pursuit of aesthetic pleasure...

P.S to Roxanne, I love Jim Sturgess! oh man thats why I'm going to have to watch 21 once it comes out.

thesearchforchic said...

Very true.. I strive to have an aesthetically pleasing life... in every aspect. Nice food nice wine..but sacrifices have to be made, really.