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..i'm a chronic outfit repeater at worst, and a major outfit tweaker at best. i'm well-aware of this trait of mine, and i often plan on changing it, but i'm afraid it's something that i simply can't help. sometimes it's because it's an outfit that i remember i really liked/felt really comfortable in and would like to wear again, or because my schedule is really odd sometimes, and i'll often get a half day's wear out of one outfit and will want to wear it for at least the first half of the next day. alot of times though, it's simply because the things i like to wear just look similar to one another, and i fall into a clothing rut.

or is it? i mean, unless i'm bored and complacent with what i choose to wear and struggling to make a change and failing, can it really be called a rut? for example, see exhibit a: lindsay lohan. i mean, sex, drugs, and more sex aside, the girl doesn't have any reason financially or otherwise to restrict her wardrobe choices (unless you conisder it a way of escaping the paparazzi, but let's be honest, clearly it's not working), but about eighty percent of the time, the girl's wearing some variation of black on black, with occasional splashes of cream or white. on the legs, it's something tight or nothing at all.. tights, leggings, jeans, scarves are common, long, loose hair (though the color sometimes changes), and big shades.

which is somewhat similar (i guess) to my own wardrobe. i don't quite end up looking like lindsay every day, but there is a lot of black and fitted legwear, at least..

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on the left is my outfit from monday's post, and my outfit for the first half of tuesday. the only piece that's the same in both is the vest, but it's definitely a similar look. also shown are some of most-worn pieces.. the white aa tee, those black skinny pants of which i have several, those acid-wash type jeans from aa are also quickly becoming regulars.. i remember how badly i wanted them too, so i'm glad i'm getting my money's worth out of them.

i've mentioned that those boots i'm wearing on the far left are effed up, and here they are in their pre-beat glory on the bottom right. but when it's not those, it's usually some type of black flat or other shoe.

above the boots is the newest addition to my everyday accessory collection, my marc jacobs 'veritas inlustrat' leather bracelet. my roommate and i bought them on the day that we raced to the marc by marc on newbury street because i'd read on fashionista.com that all shoes were 90% off (it wasn't true, by the way). we thought its translation, 'truth enlightens' was cool, and also a cute play on our school's motto, 'veritas'. we bought one for my third roommate as well, and we all wear them, like a slightly more sophisticated version of friendship bracelets. we don't often do corny things like that.. just putting that out there. then there's my small tiffany's heart that i got for our first anniversary and a super thin gold chain, with a childhood ring that's now too small and an R charm on it.. each have sentimental meaning, and i wear them equally often. and then there's my glasses.. do those count? i mean, i kind of need them..

and then above the bracelet is the american apparel double u-neck dress. i have it in black, and though i'd never wear it as scandalously as the model above, it's really like my default piece. under other shorter skirts, over pants, with pencil skirts, it's so versatile i'm not sure what i did before i had it. which reminds me, i need to buy a new one. mine is all stretched and worn out. i've seen girls at school wear them in different colors on their own, with boots and tights and such, looking pretty skanky, but seeing the lovely selina of flying saucer gives me hope that the look can be pulled off beautifully.

so, rut or lifestyle choice? the world may never know.

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Anonymous said...

I think, lindsays style isn't the same like it was 1 or 2 years ago. what a pity! i relly liked her style but how, it's always the same: wide shirt + leggins + black! but i think she's too busy too get styled... (with her little alc.problem...)

i really like your layout and your look on the pic below! black vests are sooo cool!