picture-a-day 52908: i see a mansard roof through the trees

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"..and now the tops of buildings, i can see them too."

sometimes, i furrow my brow disapprovingly in the direction of certain girls, the ones whose outfits consist of nothing but urban outfitters pieces. sometimes, i am that girl. this time, i'm giving myself some leeway because half my wardrobe has been sent home ahead of me to new york. next time, there'll be no excuse.

the sunshine makes shadowy pictures, but i enjoy having it around.

sunnies: dad; tube top bra: american apparel; purse: vintage dooney&bourke
everything else: urban outfitters


kitty kate said...

wow love the sunglasses. i wished i could pull off the scarf on head look. maybe i should try that out.

saray said...

love the name of your blog !!

styleandthecity.com - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

well done honey !

have a wonderful day !

2 questions :
-People say in my blog that parisian girls are the best dressed ever. what do you think ?
-do you prefer to win clothe of week ends/weeks in Paris ?

let's keep in touch !

street style romancer in Paris


Always In Style said...

Love these pics - so cool!


there is something I just love about head scarves :) and yay!, we have the same sandals <3

La Clocharde said...

Beautiful pictures!
I love the light, the texture, the outfit, everything!