she brought all the boys to the yard

the first time i saw kelis, she was trashing her apartment and inciting suburban housewives to riot in the streets, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs just how much she hated her cheating significant other. the next time i saw her, a few years later, she was writhing about in extra lowriders, atop a diner counter, educating us all on her milkshake and exactly what it was capable of. by the third time i saw her, a couple more years later, she'd had a major makeover, over-the-top glamour with a bit of hard-edged appeal, and she was telling everyone just how bossy she could be. it's clear that mrs. nasir jones has majorly bold style, both musically and sartorially, and though i find her style to be very hit-or-miss (google her and you'll find some definite misses), the point is that the girl is absolutely fearless. one of the blogs i came across while looking for pictures of her said something to the effect of.. rihanna took kelis' style and ran with it. without pointing any fingers, i think you can totally see some of what rihanna's doing now in what kelis was doing a year or two before.

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i absolutely love the large image on the left! it's so early 80s club kid (see style bubble for the real thing). oh, and speaking of the 80s, for the past few days, i've been mulling over whether or not i should buy this october 1980 issue of interview magazine. after seeing the slightly garish but fun 'i love the 80's' spread in this month's elle, i decided hey, why not? i can't wait to see what they've got to say about kelly mcgillis (who just so happens to share a birthday with yours truly).

and come to think of it, kelis' name is a combination of her parents' names (kenneth and eveliss), and if you combine the first and last parts of kelly mcgillis, you get kelis.. yeah. did i mention that i'm extremely bored lately? one more day, and i'm (finally) out of here..

p.s.: happy 30th birthday to my brother!


LML said...

she is pretty funky fresh!

Richel said...

I feel you on the boredom! I think that Kelis is uber bold- she wore a slime green gown to her own wedding!

And I love how kind you are, I was kind of blushing at my monitor for a couple of minutes from your compliment.

MONI said...

she definitely have her own style....:)

Stompface said...

thanks for your comment about my dress.. it is beauty..

I love your blog.
especially your blog header.
oh my i'm obsessed with sophomore

I really want to buy some of their stuff but not sure how I can seeing as I'm in Australia..

Oh well

Nature Grafitti said...

kellis definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer, and i completely admire her for that :]

getting-freaky said...

She is very pretty

CoutureCarrie said...

Love this collage!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Whoa. THAT IS INSANE. Rihanna is a copy cat.

ashleigh said...

wow i love that large photo too. the first time i saw kelis i hated herrr and that song so much, no pun intended. but she seems to have grown out of her ultra trashy ways.

hmm maybe there is hope yet :)

Anonymous said...

she has such amazing style!! Definitely one of my style icons.