the final stretch

i can't even begin to explain how restless i'm feeling these days. since i began college, this has become an annual thing for me, this limbo stage between whatever i did to occupy myself during the summer and the start of school. most colleges' fall semesters begin at some point towards the end of august, and high schools around here usually start class right after labor day. my school, on the other hand, doesn't begin classes until the middle of september. in a desperate attempt to get myself out of the house, i'm moving in on september 6th, the first day the houses open. even so, i've still got another full week to spend here while literally everyone else i know is busy at work and/or school. it's enough to drive a girl mad. right before my freshman year, i found myself wandering through my local mall alone on a weekday morning. i'd splurged on a pair of chanel eyeglasses before i left. an uncharacteristic move for sure, but at that point, my insanity was acting for me. last year, i threw my energy into packing, arranging and rearranging my belongings and meticulously folding garments countless times with the intensity of someone with ocd. this year, it's books and music. books about music, music about books.. i've been consuming it all these past few days, and voraciously, too. still, my attention is waning yet again, and blogging seems to be my new project. expect elaborate and/or frequent posts, at all times of day and night, beginning with this, the autumn/winter 2008 installation of my disney dress-up post that i started in may, now new and improved with song downloads!

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jessica rabbit
slinking her way through the ink & paint club, she cooed, "get out of here, and get me some money too." assuming she's since acquired that money, one can only hope that she'll buy herself some new threads. let's face it, the girl's been working the same look since 1988. i understand the importance of a trademark, so a sparkly red gown à la balmain lets her simultaneously update and maintain her signature ensemble. it's clear that a girl like this never dresses down, but a diane von furstenberg look or two allows her to continue channeling that sexy 1940's vibe during the daytime with just the right amount of sultriness. as far as accessories go, i wouldn't dream of taking away jessica's fire engine-red heels, but burberry throws some studs onto the heel that would really take her into femme fatale territory, and some thick golden cuffs will add some extra shine to those evening gloves. with such an excellent wardrobe, jessica is sure to make some new friends in high places, like fifi lapin. this could be the start of a beautiful friendship, as long as jess doesn't catch fifi playing pattycake with roger..
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tinker bell
ever since miss bell primped and scrutinized herself in a hand mirror, i had a hunch that she might have good fashion sense, with a love for all things short and sassy. thing is, she's not a big fan of change.. i mean, look what happened when wendy showed up in neverland. i wouldn't be surprised if she went right for a gauzy neon green dress from celine, not straying too far from what's worked for her in the past. in time, i think she could be persuaded to test drive a yellow versace or a pink dior, as long as it remains bright and fun. but in the end, tink would most defnitely turn out to be a marc by marc kind of gal. i suspect it's the pompom heels that would win her over.
[photo credits: google image search, shopbop (1, 2, 3), style.com]

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cruella de vil & yzma
with those rail-thin frames and tyrannical tendencies, either one of these ladies may have a future as the editor-in-chief of vogue. based partly on tallulah bankhead, cruella de vil harbors a serious penchant for the dramatic, and as someone who, by her own admission, worships and lives for furs, she'd find sonia rykiel's black and white fur simply irresistible. paired with "something austere" from nicolas ghesquière, and intimidating rodarte heels (all in her classic colors, of course), this lady quite truly will be dressed to kill.
yzma's character was based on both the legendary eartha kitt and cruella de vil herself, meaning there's a great deal of diva coursing through those villainous veins. yzma's aesthetic picks up where cruella's stark black-and-white ensembles leave off, with regal shades of purple and plumage to replace all that fur. ralph lauren's got all her bases covered, merely shifting the feather from the head to the lapel. this isn't to say that she couldn't make a little balenciaga work for her, too. the slit will be higher than what she's used to, but the cut of the dress will do wonders for those razor-sharp hip bones.
[photo credits: google image search (1, 2), style.com]


Savvy Mode SG said...

tinker bell looks, esp the fuchsia color heels, very savvy.

Jill said...

Oh gosh I feel your pain, or boredom. I'm liking the elaborate posting, though. The way you portrayed Cruella Deville is my favourite. I can actually see her wearing those things. Or even one of the more ridiculous Fendi fur coats.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Gosh, you have such lovely posts, (Like, layout wise, and how long they are, not the content, cause this posts content is sad...... Im sorry about the college thing, but I <3 your collages)

Im linking you lady

Alex said...

cruella deville is my favorite. those shoes are ferocious.

Richel said...

what great comparisons!

Marina said...

"with those rail-thin frames and tyrannical tendencies, either one of these ladies may have a future as the editor-in-chief of vogue"
There is this one pair of very sharp, pointy, purple heels from MiuMiu that would compliment Yzma's style very well I think (and might compliment the many peaks of her Peruvian.....place).