blake's got a new dress

i used to devote a fair amount of my internet time to celebrity gossip blogs, until i came to the realization that once you've read one, you've pretty much read them all. when brad and angelina step out with their kids in tow, when lindsay stumbles out of nightspot, legging-clad with samantha in tow, when inappropriate photos of miley cyrus surface on myspace.. celebrity blogs will always be there, with the same commentary and the same pictures.

as i gradually discovered more and more innovative fashion and style blogs, i started phasing out the gossip blogs from my daily reading list. the last remnant of that particular blogroll is what would tyler durden do. it's crude, misogynistic, and generally out of line, but what can i say? it's pretty funny. the site's image content is chock-full of your normal nipslips, panty flashing and generally unflattering shots, but once in a while i'll come across a good picture of a celebrity i actually appreciate. which brings me to this: what's the deal? is this a reenactment of the gossip girl episode where serena stumbles through the new york streets clad in heels and a men's dress shirt? i can't say i'm the biggest fan of this.. which i guess is why i prefer leighton meester.

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natalia said...

this is so true, i used to read imnotobsessed.com and theskinnywebsite.com religiously until, well, i became over the hollywood thing and suprisingly, i haven't viseted a celeb blog in months!