odds and ends

it's another lazy day at home for me, futzing around on my laptop, reading books and magazines, and sleeping as much as humanly possible before heading back to campus. a few random, interesting tidbits:

-project east. read about it, vote for it, come see the show. i can't begin to describe how much it means to me, and how much of a difference it will make.

- the reading list feature on blogger's dashboard is a godsend. if you're on my link list and notice me obsessively keeping up with your posts, you now know why.

- i've been playing around with the labels on my posts, making it easier for myself (and hopefully, by extension, you) to find posts relevant to a certain interest. below, for the sake of clarification:

*acquisitions (future): clothes, shoes, magazines, hairstyles, etc. that i'd like to obtain at some point in the future. this can run the gamut from a $16 aa tee to a $1,450 marc jacobs satchel. a girl can dream.
*acquisitions (recent): things i've acquired. recently.
*bloggery: i blog, you blog, he blogs, she blogs.. stuff about the direction/layout/future of this blog, other people's blogs i like.. you get the idea.
*bookish: on the subject of books.
*excursions/events: trips i've taken, trips i'm about to take, concerts, parties, happenings, good times.
*face paint: i still don't wear make-up. if i ever start, you all will be the first to know. until then, if i ever offer up some commentary on other people's make-up, it's here.
*glossies: because i have an addiction.
*hearsay: quotes and gossip andbits of dialogue taken from all over.
*in the closet: what i'm wearing these days.
*not fashion: things that are..not fashion.
*on the tube: they say it'll rot your brain.
*photo finish: any post that has pictures taken by me gets this label.
*playing dress-up: in the vein of my disney post, channeling a character/vibe/mood/etc.
*silver screen, *street style
*style crush: i like your style. call it a style crush.
*the shows: fashion, that is.
*the sound of music
*time warp: we're gonna go back. way back..back into time. writing about it, anyway.

- it's times like these that really make me wish i had an iphone. or an invitation to fashion week. either one.

- once upon at time, i sent an idle wish into the world wide web:
"until [american apparel] starts manufacturing shoes (which whould be unprecedentedly awesome, by the way), i'm on my own when it comes to finding simple, unadorned shoe styles."

now, it seems possible that my wish might be coming true. fingers crossed.

- when i was a younger pandora, i'd hole up in my room, tearing through piles of books at breakneck speed while lamenting the fact that one day, it would be impossible to even remember the titles of all the lovely stories i'd read, let alone their content. i'm trying to counteract that inevitable forgetfulness with pandora's bookshelf. yesterday i tried to remember some of my favorite titles from the past year and added links to them underneath my blogroll. i won't include books that i didn't thoroughly enjoy, so feel free to check any of them out (the titles are linked to barnes&noble's website) and share your opinions. i'd love to hear them. the last title on the list is the book that i'm currently reading.


Jill said...

Very exciting, I myself don't wear much makeup and often stand perplexed in front of shelves of volumizing! lengthening! improved! smoothing! blending! products. Intimidating, definetly.

natalia said...

just a head up , i actually changed my blog to fashion-rubies.blogspot.com , i was previously streetstylepdx so just a heads up! thank you for the comments :)