today's post is brought to you by the letter R.

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monday - sunnies:ray-ban, top: urban outfitters, pants: h&m, shoes: nine west; tuesday - dress: american apparel, vest: h&m, jeans: urban outfitters, shoes: forever 21; wednesday - sweater: zara, dress (as top): american apparel, skirt: h&m; thursday: top: high school uniform, jeans: vintage, shoes: nine west.

true story: i forgot to bring flat shoes to school with me.

i was trying out this thing where i don't bring every scrap of cloth i own to school, since for the past two years i'd lugged masses of clothing to school and ended up only wearing a fraction of them. i found a large box in which to put my shoes, and assessed what i had, taking caution to be reasonable in my decisions. i brought the heech sandals because ever since i finally got my hands on them, i've found them to be indispensable, some black heels with varying heights.. some other heels in varying colors, one pair of black booties.. the list goes on, but for some reason, as far as flat shoes, i only brought my black fringe sandals, a pair of burgundy flip-flops (i hate flip-flops), a very, very old pair of black anne klein flats, and a pair of once-white canvas sneakers in utterly pitiful condition. and so all week i've been going to class, to work, walking home, and carrying heavy objects in heels, much to the chagrin of my poor feet.

i wish i could say that there's been some improvement in my life after a week of tottering around campus in heels, better posture or an increase in attractive men's phone numbers, maybe, but to be honest, all i've gotten are a blister and sore calves. how do you do it, carine? any tips, mary-kate? no? in that case, i'm off to replenish my flats collection.

this afternoon after class, i hit up urban outfitters for the feathered flats i'd been eyeing online, as well as these gray flats that i'm completely smitten with. i'm slowly but surely weaning myself off my black flat addiction, but i did buy my third - i repeat, third - pair of crappy white canvas sneakers. i'm not sure why i haven't just bit the bullet and gotten some damn keds.. these are going to be falling apart in about two weeks, but whatever. after getting all caught up with the flat shoe situation, i went all miu miu fall 2008: home edition and got this big letter wall hanging. couldn't find any of my other initials. i'm not so keen on the color, but it might grow on me. once i've gotten my room fixed up, i'll know what color it needs to be. after urban, it was off to american apparel to pick up some essentials - tees and tights - to be precise.

today's post is also brought to you by the number 4. one, two, three, four purchases! hah, hah, hah, hah..


The Stylish Wanderer said...

Why are you carrying clothes to and fro?

Taghrid said...

your Wednesday outfit is my favoooorite! the white skirt is delish!

Lydia said...

Those feather shoes are to die for...oh my.
I have a giant O on my wall!
Thanks for the comment as well!

Marina said...

that white skirt is supercool.
cool as ice (sorry, I'm a dork).

I used to do the same thing with clothing. They were my "just in case"-s.
And thanks. I'm drowning myself in ginger tea in hopes of getting my normal voice back, ;)

LML said...

flats all the way where i am - for class at least! maybe wedges but high heels and cobblestone just dont get along! im feelin ya girl!

issa said...

ooh love your collage.. your outfits are great!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

love the black shirt and the white skirt