status report

hey kids!

dashboard says it's only eighty degrees outside, but i'm sweating like there's no tomorrow, so i took these quick outfit shots before i flung open all the windows and changed into shorts and a tank.
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sunnies: ray-ban, top: urban outfitters, pants: h&m, shoes: nine west. i wish i could say i was wearing sunnies indoors to be cool and show off my awesome personal style, but it's actually that bright in my room. i love it.

i'm slowly becoming obsessed with my skylight and its beautiful views. there's a hawk family that lives on the roof of the house, and their squawks sound as if they're inside the room when the window is open, and when i lay on my bed i can see airplanes flying overhead in all directions. the moon casts just the right amount of light into the room at night, and the abundance of fresh air is deliriously enoyable. i can only hope that i'll enjoy it as much when the skies are grayer with a chill in the air.

classes started today, and i shopped an english (colonial american lit) and french (french society across the ages) class, and tomorrow i'm going to test drive another english course on major british writers (eh) and a women's studies course called "i like ike, but i love lucy: women, popular culture, and the 1950s," which i'm almost positive will rank among my favorite college classes ever, second only to the english class i took on cultures and countercultures of the 1960s last year: think film screenings of west side story, the sound of music, endless summer, and 2001: a space odyssey, readings like the electric acid kool-aid test and popism, and units on james brown and the beach boys. it was amazing.

i'm really trying to capture this beginning-of-the-year enthusiam in a bottle, so i don't find myself dejected and counting down 'til the end of the semester in a few months, as academic pressures and cold, dreary winters tend to do to me. i made sure to make the most of my responsibility-free days last week, visiting campus events, throwing a surprise birthday party for my roommate, and doing a little shopping. unfortunately, that left little time to unpack. i've still got a few boxes left to empty, but that's tonight's project, along with doing a little colonial american lit reading (i'm not falling behind this year). pictures below for your enjoyment:

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they call this the cliffhanger, and it was the centerpiece of friday's welcome back carnival. didn't ride, but it did make for a sweet photo op.

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we stalled the birthday girl at a restaurant called the mexican forest while her surprise party guests trickled in.

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love this picture. my pre-med roommate (not pictured) was telling us some unsavory details about childbirth. sophie (right) was not amused.

p.s.: i've been keeping up with the shows in moderation, but before i can rave about my favorites, it's gonna take awhile for it all to sink in. also, if i start to think about lovely spring shifts just as the days begin to grow shorter and grayer, things could get pretty ugly over here.

song of the day: fleet foxes - in the hot, hot rays (new feature? don't know, trying it out..)

edit: just got word from kristin of prim magazine that the article i wrote will print, either in the upcoming issue or the next one!


LML said...

great top! it looks like lauren conrad's one she wore ( i am a sucker for the hills "drama" haha)

love fleet foxes!

natalia said...

cute top!