many hats

i don't know if i'd call this a filler post, so much as a shameless self-promotional post. these days, i'm working on a whole lot of projects, and i think it would be awesome if as many people as possible could witness the final results. in that vein, if you happen to be in the boston/cambridge area this upcoming saturday (october 18), hit up Comedy for a Cause!

professional comedians steve byrne, jordan carlos (of the colbert report), and julian mccullough are performing, and all proceeds go to the american social health association. the show takes place at Sanders Theater during the weekend of the 44th head of the charles regatta, "the world's largest two-day rowing event." Feel free to spend a picturesque day ambling along the Charles, topped off by a hilarious comedy show across the river at night. Tickets are $25 for the general public; shoot me an e-mail for more information.

this message has been brought to you by roxanne, publicity chair of the harvard concert commission.

secondly: if you happen to be in the area on november 15, this the date of project east, which i've spoken about before in a previous post. bottom line, it's one of the most professional student-run campus fashion shows i've ever laid eyes on, and i feel privileged to be working on it. every day, i get a little more excited about just how awesome it's stacking up to be. among the designers who will be presenting pieces are jen kao (about whom the lovely Jill of Couture Salope wrote a wonderful post a little while back), giuliano fujiwara (recently confirmed!), lu kun (who i believe has never before presented in the us), manish arora, and - wait for it - ISSEYfuckingMIYAKE. as in, this is the first time he's shown on a runway other than his own in paris. as in, this man, a veritable genuis of design, has decided to grace us with his pieces. as in, this is HUGE. and as if the show wasn't enough, there's an amazing auction and reception to be held right after the show. and when i say awesome, i'm talking lanvin-necklaces-up-for-bidding- awesome. ticket information to come soon, but again, e-mail e-mail e-mail me if you're interested in coming - and you should be.

this message has been brought to you by roxanne, ticketing manager of project east.

thirdly: i recently had my first article published in the latest issue of rive magazine! i've written about rive (and my magazine addiction) before, so i'm glad to be contributing to a publication that doesn't fuel said addiction. the article is called 'defying the dire', and it's on page 22. comments and thoughts would be much appreciated, as this really is my first journalistic effort of any kind.

this message has been brought to you by roxanne, aspiring journalist.

posts from roxanne, the blogger to come soon, stay tuned!


The Stylish Wanderer said...

It cant be filler if you write so long!!!

And you go to Harvard? WOW

simply.steph said...

wow that is so huge, like being a part of such a big event. and then you get to write for rive. how awesome.

Marina said...

Wow, this all is amazing!! I'll see what I can do for the Project East show, I saw the images from a past event and it looks like a really great show.
And how did you get to write an article for Rive! That's (also) amazing!
I feel a little lazy in comparison. :D

Jill said...

Issey Miyake! That is insane! I seriously wish I could be there. You are so lucky!

P.S. Thanks for the mention by the way!