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hello, blogosphere! so this morning, i woke up at nine fifteen (read: too late to even shower before class, let alone pull together a decent outfit), but i did try and do my new itunes shuffle outfit plan. unfortunately, i got a really random song.. i mean so random, i couldn't even tell you now what it was called.. something that i very recently downloaded from some free mixtape, and i didn't have the time or desire to look it up, so i resorted to my unofficial uniform of skinny jeans, big tee, hoodie and flats in varying shades of dark (in this case, gray, black, gray, gray) and ran out the door. but before i go on with what happened today, i should probably backtrack and muse on the happenings of yesterday.

yesterday morning, my itunes inspiration of the day turned out to be robyn's "handle me", making it the second day in a row that i've channeled a female artist with a serious affinity for jeremy scott (see below). again, the song itself didn't give me much to work with, but the singer did. i've already gone on about the 'new' robyn, and i went to the video for a refresher course in her off the wall ensembles. crazy, crazy prints were what i found, along with bright colors, form-fitting dresses, tights, and shiny menswear-inspired shoes. i tried on an electric blue american apparel dress, with a white and gold printed scarf around the neck, but the length was quite inappropriate for a day of classes, to say the least..
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top: garment district, jeans: h&m, shoes: mama pandora. if you're wondering why my shoulders have suddenly approached the territory of linebacker, it's because of the shoulder pads. that's right. shoulder pads.

..which led me to this. only one print, but it's prominent enough. i mean, if i had checkered high-waisted skinny jeans, i'd be glad to wear them, but until then, i'm happy with my plain old dark denim. i wore my mom's old high-heeled loafers for an injection of men's footwear and this vintage pseudo-crop top (in light of the spring runways, this length is child's play) for its print and batwing sleeve.

around dinnertime, i was marveling at my roommates gorgeous skylight view which trumps mine by a thousand when a light sunshower began and the most gorgeous rainbow i've ever seen appeared in the sky, stopping just as it hit the belltower.
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after the sun went down, the boy and i headed out to see a black kids concert. i changed into a very grunge-inspired outfit - there was a checkered button down, oversized tee shirt, hoodie, and doc martens involved, all in shades of black and white - which i didn't have time to take a picture of, and while i felt like i was dressed inappropriately for the concert at hand, when i got to the show and saw a veritable sea of bangs, thick glasses, dark tights, leather boots, and miniskirts, i felt oddly comfortable with my incongruous ensemble.

anyway, i made the poor choice of not bringing my wallet and my school id was apparently not enough for admission, even though my date of birth is on it, so i was contemplating getting back on the t to fetch my id when one of the black kids' roadies was nice enough to let us in through the back door! we missed the magic wands, but were just in the time for the virgins, who i never listened to despite all of nylon magazine's prodding, and was very pleasantly surprised. i'm not gonna lie, i wanna take the bassist and put him and his bass with the paul mccartney sticker on it in my back pocket.. so freaking adorable.

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then came the headliners, who opened with my favorite song ("look at me (when i rock wichoo)") and kept riding high from there. there was much dancing and merriment to be had, and random departures from various audience members meant that i found myself getting closer and closer to that mesmerizing 'fro. all in all, there was much dancing and merriment, despite the speed bump of the beginning.

which brings me back to today: uneventful, for the most part, but i found the most pleasantly random thing i've seen on campus in a while: a pooh bear abode, complete with functional door, built into the tree next to the science center. a mere couple of hours later, i came across a curious george lying face-down under a tree by another campus building. with no man in the yellow hat in sight, sarah took it upon herself to rescue the poor guy.

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it seems that this town is becoming curioser and curiouser!

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LML said...

ooohhh i am a fan of the black kids! must have been an awesome concert!

Female Action Star said...

I looooovvvveee those pics of the sky and rainbow pure bliss! but Hey!!!! I digg ur blog to the max. Always checkin for updates and I kno ur always lookin for some cool new blogs to check out. So check out mine... Its fantasyaction.blogspot.com. Enjoy!! Let me know what u think of my "poems"

shannon said...

The Black Kids are greeeaaat! Cool blog. for more reasons than your good taste in music...