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sometimes things just don't work out the way you imagine they will. in 1998 and 1999, i fell hard for all of the usual teenybopper fare: britney spears, christina aguilera, 'n sync, backstreet boys, b*witched, 5ive, etc. etc. of the bigger names on that list, most are somewhat aware of where they are now, whether they're out of the public eye, married with children, a successful solo act, or finding success in other endeavors. i would say that britney spears trajectory over the past ten years has been the most shocking, for sure. shaved head, children forcibly removed from her custody, terrible wardrobe choices. i remember buying her first album and scanning every picture of the cd booklet, making a mental note to procure appropriately innocent, sexy, yet sporty garments like hers, and now..? well, i don't even make notes to not dress like her, because i'm pretty positive that things will never get that bad.

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but sometimes someone who you thought had faded into obscurity can surprise you. in 1996, i fell in love with robyn. my childhood friend kristen and i were like the resident music aficionados of the third grade, and we decided that her short haircut, understated style, and slightly r&b vocals were simply perfect. we sang her songs at every chance we got, and scoured mtv for her videos in the afternoons. but then after a couple of singles, i lost track of her, though i still have her on relatively heavy rotation on itunes. but a little while ago, i happened to be searching for her old videos on youtube, and came across some new stuff of hers. a subsequent wikipedia search revealed that the girl has kept herself busy over the years. her sound has gone electro-pop, and her look has gotten even more interesting. she's maintained the short blond hair, but now it's shaved on one side. she reminds me of a girl whose blog i would be obsessed with for her incorporation of wow factor into simple outfits. well-played, robyn, well-played.


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edit: robyn in the may 12 post on stylesightings.

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