city lights, painted girl

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courtesy of lastnightsparty

love it or hate it, this girl's definitely got a whole lot of chutzpah (love that word).

p.s.: i have tons of pictures i'm dying to share, but my recently revived mac doesn't have iphoto.. ? currently hunting down a tech-savvy person to help me out.


Aisha said...

thanks for the comment @ my site!
I wish I had the attitude (and legs!) to wear those ripped leggings, they have a really cool vibe.

punky said...

I wore a pair like that last week...but everyone hated them.

simply.steph said...

I think they're hot. I dont have the legs for them, so i'm forever jealous of this girl.

Bella said...

Those are HOT... wow!

Anonymous said...

wow that's amazing... i doubt i'd ever have the guts to wear them out! X) nor the legs either... it's great you're doing streetshots!