ladies and gentlemen

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tuesday/headscarf: gap, tank top: unknown, cardigan: forever21, skirt: forever21, tights: american apparel, shoes: doc martens. wednesday/headband: urban outfitters, sweater: uo, dress: vintage, belt: h&m, tights: american apparel, shoes: report, necklaces: h&m, purse: dooney&bourke.

..i present, for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, for that matter), outfits from last tuesday and thursday.

i usually detest any and all shiny and/or sparkly garment embellishments, so my recent affinity for sequins is quite a strange thing. i bought this skirt as a cheap way to test drive the trend, and i'm liking it so far, but i can tell that i'm not going to get much wear out of it, as it's fraying and starting to lose sequins already.. such is life.

"i'm buying groceries, i'm buying glasses, i'm buying shoes, everything.. it's black friday."

my cousin was kidding around, but apparently some other people weren't, and the aftermath of black friday was nothing short of grisly, with three people dead nationwide. i slept in after having stayed up late slumber partying with my cousin the night before, hung around, and headed into the city in the afternoon. we each had things in mind to buy, but neither of us were hell-bent on bargain hunting, allowing us to relax and laugh at the absurdity unfolding before us. it was an uneventful excursion for the most part - i stocked up on socks, of all things - but i did snag these jeffrey campbells for $20.

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terren said...

THOSE BOOTS! so so so perfect. i'm jealous. ha, i went out black friday too. i was one of the crazies, i'm afraid.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i love the shoes!

Romeika said...

I love black and red together:) Great colour combo and accessories!

M said...

cute boots!