numbers twelve and thirty-five

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the forecast called for rain and temperatures upwards of sixty degrees. i tried to dress appropriately. of course it didn't begin to rain until after i had traipsed about campus in rain boots for eight hours.. long day.

for a pre-new year's resolution, i'm going to try and post a bit more on this blog.. what say, minimum twenty posts in thirty-one days of december? crazy talk, i know, but we'll see how it turns out.

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Marina said...

That is how rain works! I brought my giant umbrella with me to work today in anticipation of "freezing rain" and my umbrella is still dry.
I think I'll join you in this "resolution" of sorts.
By Christmas we'll have created a blogger advent calendar or something.
and; you beat me to telling you about that tag, but you know and that is what's important, ;)

LJ said...

Cool shades!

jaime said...

amazing outfit and blog! you have an amazing sense of style :)