"i got a head full of ideas/ that are drivin' me insane.."

my love for fashion is no secret or surprise.

i've cultivated it over the years, creating a zeal that keeps me above the mire of the daily and mundane. for that reason, i find i'm most strongly drawn to the sartorial realm when in the depths of repetition and drear - in the middle of a northeastern january, bitter winds whistling through stark branches, or during the last stretch of a grueling semester, hunched over in a library underneath fluorescent lights while scanning dry, impenetrable texts. the several days that have passed since my last substantial post and this one have been tests of both endurance and willpower - the desire to chuck the study guides in favor of glossy editorial spreads and wintry thrift shop hunts was almost unbearable. i wanted nothing more than to create cleverly crafted ensembles and scour all my sources for inspirational words and images, anything at all to ignore the task at hand.

but after all the strife, i've emerged victorious. after an epic marathon of a semester, the last of my papers and exams are turned in and with an admittedly short break on our hands, four of my roommates and i headed to new york this past weekend. though home is just a ferry ride away for me, we booked a hostel in an area located directly between the upper west side and morningside heights. since sarah was leaving directly from new york to go to cape town for an entire semester, thousands of miles and nine months away from us, our trip was a chick flick-worthy journey of laughter, tears, arguments, revelations, and adventures. now that all is said and done and i'm launching into the spring semester, i'm inundated with a happy exhaustion and optimism.

ever since i found myself operating "on harvard time," as they say, i've learned that february is a true start for new beginnings. january is for cleaning up the messes of the last year's semester and keeping it together long enough to finish on a good note. by the time the month crawls to the end and another semester has been put to rest, there you are, ambitions and plans in hand. i've got ideas for miles, a hankering for innovation, and a drive to write. here's to 2009 - again.

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