two steps forward, two steps back

happy new year! hangovers aside, i hope things are looking all bright and shiny and promising for everyone.

notice anything different? i like lily cole as much as the next chick, but ever since i took down my old sophomore spring'08 banner at the end of the summer, i've been kinda jonesing for it. imagine my delight when i stumbled across the spring'09 lookbook via refinery 29. luckily ms. miller didn't tweak her formula too much - let some friends loose in new york city in sophomore gear (styled by lissy trullie!) with cass bird, recreating the hazy, hot child/summer in the city vibe that i loved so much the first time around. despite the intended 1970s lower east side influence, last spring's lookbook reminded me a lot of the movie kids with a less dated wardrobe. this time i'm getting a little tatum o'neal + kristy mcnichol in little darlings vibe. less talk, more visuals, you say? i got you.

oh, and i'm well aware that this is a totally season-inappropriate post, but i figure it's summer somewhere, right? and as far as i'm concerned, it's never too early to get in the mood.
- chrissie miller @ refinery29, the selby. be warned, she's kind of awesome.

as of this posting, i'm heading back to cambridge with dylan - i'm not due back til friday and i don't relish going back to school, but i had to get up and go somewhere, y'know? i have trouble sitting still. when i get back i'll be writing the first of three papers and studying for finals, but as promised, there will be posts. peace, kids.

no, really.. is it summer yet?


Susanna-Cole said...

Love these photos so much, especially the first and third! <3

Thanks for your sweet comment, happy New Year! <3


Candice said...


Trendology said...

looks great

Happy New Year!

Jill said...

It looks really casual, which I like about most shoots like this. It is a lot more believable and relatable that way.
Happy New Year, by the way.

Brook and Lyn said...

ahhhhh...summer. I miss it already. All so causally beautiful.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

lovely post! tagged you!

Ali said...

It's summer here! I love how there's so much happening in that b&w photo taken in the shop

goa india said...

beautiful!! love those pic...specially the #1

devon maid. said...

nice banner!
I love carefree photos' like these :)

Happy new year


Nina (femme rationale) said...

love these photos...so fun and so free. and really...is it summer yet? i am so over this cold.

no wow said...

this remind me of the virgin suicides.

Merily said...

Thank you!
Oh, and those photos are AMAZING :D

jessica said...

omgomg, i'm posting them is that alright ?
i'm on a total summer binge right now .


alyssa said...

awww all these pictures are awesome! saving them all.

Blood Roses said...

such cute pics!

THE BAT said...

oh my god i love these photos! have fun in cambridge! i love that video too ahahhaha! thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

aww...i truly love these photos i want to rent a whole bunch of grunge chic friends and have a natural looking photo shoot with laughs and girl kisses too!
i'll click my heels and wish upon a star..we'll see...

Anonymous said...

absolutely wonderful collections!!!BEAUTIFUL