must be the clouds in my eyes

if i had to designate one outfit as my go-to ensemble, this would be it. it's that quick fix for the days when i'm not in the mood to look like a bum or revert to the usual black on black fare, but don't have the energy to piece together something innovative and unique. best of all, every well-worn, perfectly broken in piece of outfit, simple as it may be, has a bit of history to it, evoking the sartorial equivalent of wrapping a warm quilt around my shoulders. the scarf (as headband) and shoes are my mother's, stolen and given by/to me respectively, the shirt is a high school relic, the infamous "man-shirt" of the winter uniform that i once hated with a passion, and the jeans are a treasured several-year-old h&m purchase, high-waisted with suspenders and an impeccable fit.
unfortunately, a small but noticeably absent addition to this outfit is my marc jacobs 'veritas inlustrat' leather bracelet, bought about a year ago on newbury with my roommates as a sort of update on the old friendship bracelet spiel. i wear it twenty-four/seven, with the obvious exception of showers, and this morning dylan started rolling around my bedroom with it while i got dressed. by the time i was ready to slap it on and rush out the door, it was nowhere to be found. i'm not too frantic yet, since it hasn't been missing long, but things could get ugly if it doesn't turn up soon..

jan8, update// still no sign of the bracelet (thanks for asking, nina!).. but i admit i haven't been looking very thoroughly, since i've been churning out paper after paper this week on nanogenes, gender relations in early british literature.. after i finish one more on countercultural fashion in the fifties, i'll be a bit freer, so wish me luck and i'll see you then!


Nina (femme rationale) said...

oh no, u think dylan maybe ate it? haha i hope not...hopefully it'll come up soon. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

Stompface said...

oh gosh, that cat is so cute, in the tree hehe.
oh I want one.

great chic simple outfit little lady!


Bella said...

Happy New Year love... fantastic skinny jeans.

I love the kitty in the tree, too cute!


closeup said...

Thanks for the comment!! This cat is so cute. And your header is extremely stylish! I love it!

closeup said...

your header is great :)

ps: thanks for your comment :)

Jill said...

I hope the bracelet turns up! In any case those jeans are great! Simple outfit, good fit!

Kira Fashion said...


Happy New Year!
I love this collage you made, I love cats!

a kiss for you and thanks a lot for passing at my blog. Be welcome to come back anytime!

see you,

Iina said...

hehee cute cat!

I would wear those jeans too:)

Trish said...

AWWWW. What a cute cat!! :)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

so did you find your bracelet?

dapper kid said...

Hope you find the bracelet dear, I love the outfit :)

Candice said...

aww what a cute kitty
and i wanted to but one of those mj bracelets when i saw it at the melrose store

Ana said...

Oh I hope you find it, its a cool bracelet.

Voodoo Child said...

Oh no! I hope you find the bracelet, it's really cool.