thought she was james dean for a day

this is what happens when reading period strikes. and how bout that classy dorm flooring?

i turned in my last paper yesterday, so i'm free, aside from a little bit of daily studying, until the twenty-first when my first exam takes place. there's not many people to enjoy the free time with, since most people are preparing for earlier tests, but i have the rare opportunity to truly relax and indulge in things i like to do - reading, watching movies, sleeping, online window shopping, playing with dylan, checking out blogs.. the simple things.

it was while catching up on old fashionista posts when i found the deluge of comments accompanying their fashion secrets post. curious, i clicked to get a sampling of the responses, but once i started reading them, i couldn't stop. i'm blown away by how many people are literally addicted to fashion - as in the textbook sense, to the point where it negatively affects lives, whether in the form of jail time or crushing debt (i don't include eating disorders in this discussion, as i believe there are several factors besides an affinity for the fashion industry that contribute to a full-blown ed). alarmed, i did a quick self-assessment - has my love for fashion worsened my quality of life? luckily, the answer is no, and when i dug further for my own fashion secrets, i found that they're hopelessly tame. for the sake of sharing, though..

as far as body image issues go, i've got a few, but after taking a course on women's long and sordid relationship with food, i have a much more solid grip on the difference between reality and distorted perception. i'll admit that from time to time, i play dumb when people ask me where i bought something. this is half me nonsensically trying to prevent people from maybe buying the same things as me, but at the same time sometimes i'll buy certain things and adamantly tell all my friends to do the same. i think the other reason that i do it is to mask secret number two: i have an absolutely encyclopedic knowledge of my wardrobe, as well as several other people's too. i can't retain facts for important exams but i can tell you where, when, and why i bought a ten-year-old pair of light denim flares. ridiculous? maybe. involuntary? definitely.

oh, and while cleaning my room - another thing i magically have time for all of a sudden - i found the beloved mj bracelet! the wardrobe gods must be smiling down on me.



closeup said...

I looooooooove your pictures and your header is gorgeous!!

ps: thanks for your cute comment :)

Brook and Lyn said...

Unlike many of the blogs that I cover daily I actually enjoy READING yours. A fashion blogger who can write too...I'm jealous. Please keep it coming.

dapper kid said...

Yay for finding the bracelet! And congrats on handing in the paper! Haha and I totally have a photographic memory for people's wardrobes too.

THE BAT said...

this is so cool. i love your polaroid!

Bella said...

Damn these are some wicked cool shots!

jessica said...

i remember that ad !
and it was all controversial and whatnot .

& love those bcbg heels .


Trish said...

Cool! I enjoyed reading this post! Way to go! :)