when they reminisce over you, my god

"well, i've got a wonderful idea. we'll spend the day doing things we've never done before. we'll take turns."
-holly golightly

with each passing year, it becomes clearer to me that a significant portion of my ongoing sartorial saga is the realization of several fashion-related flights of fancy i entertained as a child. the ability to wear all those things my mother once deemed too tacky, inappropriate, or grown-up for me - high heels! crop tops! mismatched prints! - injects my daily fashion grind with a bit of whimsy that i simply adore. don't be surprised if i try out cameo chokers soon. that said, i have no intention of resembling a walking time capsule buried at bronson alcott high school circa 1995, so i take precautions to tweak the pieces a bit, hopefully achieving a understated retro-quirky wit.
my fashion throwback of late has been the tied-up buton-down. once upon a time, a navel on display signified the epitome of sexiness to me, but a shirt tied just so seemed the perfect way to do it, as if you weren't trying too hard, but just happened to be awesome. it seems like the early 90s were chock-full of them before they experienced a high-profile revival in '98 via britney spears. these days, i'm in no real rush to show off my bellybutton. i usually pair my crop tops with something high-waisted, and i make sure to tie my shirts low enough to only show a bit of skin at most. any ideas on what my next retro project should be?

p.s.: and in keeping with the theme of things i've never done before, i'm now writing for the arts board of
the crimson! the pieces should come out on a weekly basis, so keep an eye out for me attempting to tie fashion commentary into movie reviews, book reviews, album reviews..


jessica said...

im in love with croptops .
yay for passé-tacky .


Emz said...

hehe that's what people call "vintage" or "'90s inspired!"

Austere said...

Oh the memories of the tied tops. You pull it of well.

Molly said...

heh, they remind me of the time i dressed up as britney for a school fete...
congrats on the crimson.

Flashes of Style said...

lovely blog! You look so great in those stripes.