four am, we ran a miracle mile

note to self: never publicize your own rare spurt of responsibility, because you will inevitably experience a complete one-eighty and have to eat your words. maybe it's the melange of reference points and inspiration i cited in the last post, but my mind is positively reeling from all the directions it's being pulled in. i tried to take a mental health day but couldn't find anyone to take my shift at work, so i'm patiently waiting for friday. in a concerted effort to avoid schoolwork, i've been reading tarantula, which kind of captures my mental chaos perfectly.
i'd like to say there was a meaningful inspiration behind this outfit, but i just did my laundry for maybe the first time in a month, and this morning i just stuck my hand into the mountain of garments and wore the first thing i pulled out. in retrospect, it feels a bit.. streamlined cowgirl? oh, and it was a bad face day to boot.  oh boy - i'll have to get back to you when i've gotten my life together.


saray said...

I like the outfit - really cute

Vans said...

I like your belt and boots and I am fascintated by how u took this photo, lol so i guess i like the photography too=]

Hemaly said...

I love your outfit.

Thanks for the comment! :)

Austere said...

Oh I definately know what you mean about reaching in and grabbing clothes. But it all still looks very nice. Especially the jumping picture :)