fronds and seafoam fantasies

it seems like a good portion of the first seven years of my education was spent creating repetitive art projects. this isn't a complaint - i've always been a fan of any endeavor that cuts into class time. every year, we'd stash our spellers underneath our desks and wait for the teacher to bestow safety scissors and a sheet of construction paper upon us. slicing into the white, red, and green sheets, we'd try our best to create snowflakes, hearts, and shamrocks to hang in the windows until the next month rolled around.

from time to time, the teacher would get a bit creative, creating projects to familiarize us with little seasonal idioms, though i'd always forget how they went anyway - how many days hath november again? another one i always had trouble with was the one about lions, lambs, and the month of march. i could never quite remember which one came in and which went out, but as of sunday evening, i'm sure i'll never forget it. just when i thought we were cleared for spring, a fresh heap of snow came tumbling down on us.. again.
and then monday morning came an urban outfitters email, gleefully taunting me with their spring 2009 collection. i often complain abut how i have trouble buying things from urban because the pieces are so distinctive, and everyone seems to be wearing them, but i'm willing to give this relationship another shot. i'm pretty sure i had a physical reaction upon my first viewing of this catalog video - not quite like the thrill of laying eyes on a piece of runway couture, but more like the quickening of the heartbeat that comes with spying a great piece that i can actually afford.
in a perfect world, i'd buy one of everything in the collection, just to be safe. in the real world, i'd have to narrow it down to my top five - an easygoing light wash denim jacket with sleeves made for cuffing, an intense shoe with a heel chunky enough to prevent injury, a vaguely ethnic (just the way i like it) bangle with a burnished tint to it, an attractive duffel for overnighters, road tripping, and the like, and a tweed jacket in order to ground all that other randomness with something classic, y'know? spring break's coming in two and a half weeks - i think it's high time i started crafting a wardrobe for warmer weather.

oh, and on the topic of months: february was a weak one for pandora's closet. minimum twenty posts in the month of march or bust.


Rand said...

wowwww for some reson i relly like the first pic!
+loving those lace up wedges!

jessica said...

ouh i was looking at those lace-up cutout wedges last night ... still lovin em .


Hemaly said...

I'm loving UO's new collection as well. Loving those shoes.