when the going gets tough

if i could sum up the past week in one word, it would have to be "ugh." school is turning up the volume since spring break is approaching, and i'm desperately scrambling to turn in papers, articles, assignments, and generally getting my life together before the week is out.

my obsession with the coming of spring is as potent as ever, so i've stopped even trying to dress for chilly weather. luckily on saturday, i'll be flying down to north carolina, where with any luck, it'll be at least twenty degrees warmer than it is here. from there i'll be road tripping with sara and josh to kiawah island, south carolina. i've never been there before, and i'm navigationally challenged, so naturally my imagination is running wild. i'm picturing swampy marshes, lazy waters, and tire swings illuminated at night by fireflies and lamplight from a rickety nearby porch - feel free to correct me if my fantasies are completely off. after that, the road trip will continue down to the sunshine state. excited doesn't begin to describe how i feel about this trip, but i've gotta buckle down until then and be responsible. oy.


zoƫ said...

i am in love with the blue nail lacquer .
it looks even better on !
if that's possible .

ouhh and have fun on the road trip love ! it's good to know that all your hard work with school & whatnot are boiling down to something you can look forward to .
+ sunshine state ♡♡
no place better .


call me glitter, little deer said...

i like your jeans.
your shoes.
your nailpolish.
pretty, pretty.

Hemaly said...

The blue nailpolish is sick. I love it on you.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

a great outfit! love your nails too :)