heroes in a half-shell

yeeeeah, this was my friday night. i almost wish i had some shame, but i really can't muster any. i grew up on this nonsense, and i positively relish any chance i get to relive it. i even surprised myself by how accurately i could recite full scenes after so many years.

the movie might be dated, but hilarious slang and cheesy martial arts aside, how cool was april o'neil? seriously, she could do it all - handle a career and hang with the guys, all the while clad in a taxi cab-yellow jumpsuit in with white boots. i'm a big fan of fulfilling my childhood fashion dreams, so i got on ebay as soon as possible to do a jumpsuit search, but i'll admit, even i recoiled in horror. there are a whole lot of atrocities parading about under the title of jumpsuit. it took everything in me not to retreat, vowing to only experiment with one-piece garments in the form of dresses, but i tried to stay strong, asking myself repeatedly, "what would april do?"

well, it's all about waists. she'd make sure it was well-defined.. really well-defined. a piece like this can swallow you in more ways than one, so it's necessary to keep things proportional at the very least. wrap it cinch it, belt it. use leather, plastic, or an obi sash, just define that waist. and speaking of waists, they should preferably be high ones - your legs will look much better for it. that said, this is a pretty ridiculous piece at its core, so by all means, go wild. the garment itself makes a statement, so add an memorable interjection - some gaugin, perhaps?

p.s.: anyone know how to embed a music player in a post? since my uncultured movie tastes are out of the bag, i think it's high time i share my embarrassing music with all of you..


Bianca and Isabella said...

great outfits, love

the crumpet girls

Anonymous said...

c'mon teenage mutant ninja turtles are prophets. they've been a part of many lives

Cas Ruffin said...

This was not nonsense. It was awesome. And April O'neil was every boy's crush for a minute.

...love Maegan said...


Austere said...

TNMT- no shame at all! I like the jumpsuits, especially the floral ones.

I.M.O.W and The City said...

its a shame the yellow jumpsuit is not real lol my fav one!
keep telling my self im gnna make one but the desings just never seem to leave the paper..:(..
soon i will ..lol..:)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these playsuits look amazing!!