getting it together

i admire the multitaskers of the world, i really do. the people who can juggle academics and extracurriculars, the ones with multiple slashes in their job titles. unfortunately, i am not one of those people, despite my best efforts. i'm currently working on my life, but i'll be back soon with stories about a two-day new york trip, TOPSHOP, and things of that ilk. and tonight, i will supposedly be seeing the ultimate multitaskers, brad pitt and angelina jolie, at a global health conference honoring james haven. seriously.

update: just james haven. brangelina a no-show. the picture stays because it's gorgeous.


Paperface said...

You know what? Multitasking is much much easier when you're loaded. You get assistants to take care of all the little things. Angelina has a lot more free time than you'd expect.

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh I'm not really all that great at multi-tasking either, but you know, sometimes I think it's a good thing, to just take things one at a time, and not rush through it all. Hope you have a blast in NYC! <3

And thanks for your sweet comment! <3


zoƫ said...

sometimes i'm on a multitasking kick and i can't help being extremely productive ...

but those times are very very seldom .

in other news, brangelina are a gift from god .