drop out! drop out! be-in! be-in!

my mind may be miles away, but i'm still trapped in an ivory tower for one more week. yesterday i turned in twenty-five pages on fashion and masculinity in american psycho and today i took an exam on travel and transformation in the seventeenth century, so i only have two exams left and then i'll be a free bird.

still, i find myself having to punctuate my incessant studying with small delights to keep sane, whether it's flipping through interview or stretching out my legs with a walk to american apparel. on saturday, after my exam in trust, vision and doubt in ethics, politics and law - if that sounds like a lot, it's because it is - i plan to celebrate by going on a shopping date with my good friend, daniel, who i haven't seen all semester due to both of our hectic schedules. our plan was to do strictly vintage, but i think we may have to make a pit stop at madewell on newbury.

they're having an in-store open casting call for models saturday afternoon, and i suggest you all bring your a-game - you could be chosen to be featured on the my madewell section of their website, along with the likes of nylon fashion features editor rajni lucienne jacques. as if this weren't enough incentive to show up, you can also meet madewell's model caster and head stylist, and anyone who gets photographed will get twenty percent off their entire purchase that day - i am so there. you should be, too.

if the name madewell isn't ringing any bells, let me be the first to tell you - this store is a life-changer. i checked out the boston store (at 329 newbury street) a few months ago, and fell hard for their airy decor, incredibly sweet and helpful sales staff, and beautiful pieces. i'm not exaggerating when i say want everything in their current collection, not least of all the ex-boyfriend jean and worn & torn midi short - perfection. i've also decided that the paisley tank dress must come with me to essex junction this summer to see bob dylan.

anyway, now that i'm sufficiently pumped for saturday, i'm gonna try and continue studying for truth, vision, and the other thing.. wish me luck?

and now an all-nighter themed playlist, for the insomniacs and/or student visitors:
all night long :: mary jane girls ; tonight, not again :: jason mraz ; :: i'm good, i'm gone :: lykke li ; who needs sleep? :: barenaked ladies ; one more cup of coffee (valley below) :: bob dylan f. emmylou harris ; 3 a.m. : matchbox 20 ; all by myself :: celine dion ; zombie :: the cranberries ; here comes the sun :: the beatles ; good morning starshine :: oliver

[image credit: google image search, madewell]


jessica said...

ouuuh, i love those boyf jeans .
& the playlist :]

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

First off, that sounds like a dope topic to write a paper on. Ahh, I miss college. The assignments seem like hell at the time, but the motivation to research stuff like that just isn't there after graduation. I'm kinda interested to hear your thoughts on the subject. =P Really. LOL.

Have fun on your shopping trip and good luck wrapping up the semester.

Oh, and if those lil' blue snakelets disappear before you get to them, let me know and I'll reserve some for you ;)

withasianstereotypes said...

You have an amazing music pallet, that almost rivals you amazing style pallet. Your writing is genius I would love to have a sit down and throughly enjoy your blog through and through.

Kisses, China L.

call me glitter, little deer said...

that peisly (ahh no idea how torwirte..) looks such good and the sandals too.

boubou said...

Your blog is very lovely and interesting at the same time :)
ill be back to visit you for sure :)
a bientot !
Boubou xx