my 'i don't have to run' day

this weekend: wrapped up week two at the refinery, anti-prom, met tim gunn and austin scarlett, planning failure, an incredibly insane and outspoken doctor, toys 'r' us with mom fifteen years too late, acid mint toes, going away party for jennie, judging, irish accents, a new nickname, hella cigarette smoke, my name is a hit, megan fox meets john lennon with a dash of michael cera, the end of my lifelong lockdown?, sleepover at meg's, deep talks at dawn, chirping birds all night long, all in the family, air sex on youtube, cartoon network in bed, a bunny named langston, jealous dogs, huge breakfast, nap all day, watchmen revisited, finally seeing legally blonde (and the sequel), cat reunion. and tomorrow, the gears'll start grinding all over again. if we could just get some sunshine in the mix, i'll be a happy camper.

[image credit: foto_decadent]


Young Damsel said...

mmm sounds lovely<33
love the megan fox + john lennon + michael cera mix idea, hehe how's you come up with that?

and thank you for your comment love (: hope you visit again soon<33


Gisela said...

LOL! You are too much! Wasn't Legally Blonde great! I laugh every time I watch it. Love MC in this pic!

Anonymous said...

mmm slounds like the making for an awesome weekend!

Lissa said...

This sounds amazing! And the photo is stunning dear.

By the way, I'm planning a live video post for my blog! Are you interested? Check my blog for details :D

Margaux. said...

sounds good!

A. said...

good plans. have fun.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good weekend to me :)


jessica said...

huge breakfast ♥
did you tell tim gunn to 'make it work' ? ahaha .