bow down to her on sunday, salute her when her birthday comes

the high point of this past weekend (aside from wandering through soho with nancy in hot pursuit of all things aesthetically pleasing - there were a lot) was staying up past five am to get in some long overdue quality time with my boyfriend. he's currently interning in tokyo, and a whopping thirteen hours ahead of my time. the time difference couldn't be worse - when i wake up weekday mornings, he's heading home for dinner and when i get home, he's heading out to work. we coordinated a simultaneous itunes viewing of woody allen's manhattan to recreate our movie nights while talking about the future.. can't wait to do it again.

this week, i'm expecting the usual: interning, commuting, and the daily grind, along with a couple of less ordinary events.. namely, a five-day forecast with no rain (possibly), and my twenty-first birthday. the countdown begins now.

[image credit: vintage posters]

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Mint Harvest said...

i love this vogue cover, its so simple