it's the truth, it's actual: everything is satisfactual

i'm done with class for the day, but i'm still recovering from the past weekend: a three-day whirlwind trip to new york with cameron, consisting of multiple taxi rides along central park west, a birthday cake sundae to remember, apartment hunting on roosevelt island, a new camera (!), breaking in my navy wedges, billyburg afternoon, avoiding the shower, trams in the sky, long walks, an adorable waitress and free banana split at brooklyn bowl, dancing on stage at the gershwin theater, muted carmen sandiego, thrift shopping for grandpa threads, cosby sweater score, high line hijinks, shirley temple custards, a shopping spree for cameron with my enthusiastic stamp of approval, baked mac and cheese to die for, hair for the second time, freemans sporting club barbershop, falling in love with tommy on fifth, adding to my bob dylan record collection, hunting for a giant ground sloth, and white wine toasts with fried chicken and fries.

[image credits: refinery29]

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SK said...

this photo reminds me of a barbershop on mass ave/columbus that i always want to photograph but never have my camera/can muster up the courage to go in and say hello!

definitely gotta get that done before i'm out of boston!