hit the road, jack

i've often gone to great lengths to articulate the overpowering sense of sartorial lust that's been known to strike me at a moment's notice, wooing me into an impulse buy or impromptu shopping spree before i can even stop to gather my thoughts. it can happen on the street if i lay eyes on a particularly well-shod bystander or at a vintage store after unearthed a kookily classic throwback piece, but i most often get the urge when i'm flipping through my monthly glossies. there's nothing quite like a well-styled editorial to get me scouring my sources for a dizzyingly high scultpural heel or crimson wool cloak for fall. luckily for me, the prices of said pieces are usually so far out of my price range that i don't have to worry too much about succumbing to temptation - if logic alone didn't stop me, my credit card most definitely would.

and then there's lucky, a monthly glossy godsend packed with so many essential pieces at reasonable prices that it's all i can do to get through the issue once without making a purchase. so imagine my excitement when madewell teamed up with the magazine for its fall denim tour. despite the inherent danger of placing myself in a room with the always-tempting madewell gear, i grabbed my friend colleen and headed over to check out the scene.

we weren't disappointed. as if the dj, free swag, delicious selection of mini-burgers, buffalo chicken, desserts, and bars on both floors weren't enough, lucky editor-at-large elise loehnen was on hand with a rack of madewell's killer fall collection - can we stop for a moment and appreciate the loveliness of this military jacket? - and personal denim styling tips. in order to get an idea of which fit suited each guest, there was a quirky little quiz on hand for evaluation purposes - rail straight for me. of course, i had to fight myself to keep my wallet shut, but there is most definitely a pair of workwear biker boots with a lovely yellow lining with my name written all over them.

as always, the ladies of madewell were beyond sweet, and it turns out the mini klein tools pouch i picked up over the weekend in new york was a big hit. also ran into the lovely ladies of dreamecho and beyond boston chic (wearing some amazing glasses), which is always a pleasant surprise.

colleen was an especially big fan of the personalized flip books - see voguing shot above. seven seconds of action recorded on camera, half an hour's wait, and voila. we were a bit nervous that we'd have to leave without picking up her unique souvenir, but it turns out time was on our side. we grabbed the flipbook and hopped on the bus back to campus, already scheduling our next visit to madewell.

[image credits: the lovely colleen o'brien/moi]


jessica said...

wow, i LOVE that grey sweater .
& the black jacket aint half bad either ..
i had no idea madewell was that cool ! i just imagined a preppy basics line, with a j crew aesthetic .
i was so wrong .

hannahlizabeth said...

sounds like fun - clothes and mini burgers, what more could a girl want?


Gladys Lopez said...

i love madwell. we have one here in dallas and it has the same layout and atmosphere. they don't have dj in there, but the store next to it, metropark, does and you can always hear the music from around the corner!

dreamecho said...

it was a pleasure seeing you as well there! and i really meant it about wanting to meet up after BFW festivities die down.

gawd, i love lucky too....but until tuesday night, i had no idea madewell had such cool stuff! and i loved that tee elise had on...i was almost about to ask her where it was from, but then i noticed it was sold in the store! kind of wanting to go back and get it....

SK said...

lol do you know the girl in the fifth photo with the dj?? she's my old roommate, cait! small world :)