laughter is calling for you down at our rendez-vous

it was just about the stroke of midnight on labor day when i swear i felt an autumn chill sweep the quad and rustle the still-green grass. it sent me scurrying immediately to my room, diving underneath blair's blanket on the couch and dreading that chill in my bones that i know i'll be feeling until probably early may. i immediately started contemplating the wardrobe that i'd hastily packed and recently drove up from new york—what i'd imagined as streamlined just two weeks ago now seemed paltry and ill-equipped for the long, cold road ahead.

boredom and a recurring shopping addiction eventually led me to gilt fuse, whose emails i'd studiously ignored all summer long due to my nonexistent salary. the 80%20 sale caught my eye, with a small but sweet collection of hidden wedge beauties, but i tried to stay focused on the task at hand, namely autumn-appropriate pieces. open-toed boots need not apply. then i saw it—the navy canvas and patent leather atop a mid-height heel, kind of like acne's atacoma wedge, only more pared down, casual, reasonably priced, and just low enough to avoid wiping out on centuries-old cambridge cobblestone. in other words, perfect for me. just waiting on that two to three week estimated shipping time.. rough.

p.s.: i was twittering a few days ago about an interview that i was keeping under wraps, but it's up now, and it's a feature on r.j. cutler.. super psyched, check it out!

[image credit: gilt fuse]


lovelybeau said...

Thanks for your comment : ) Great post, I love how you write !


LML said...

i really like those - you can def rock them!

Ali-bell said...

I normally really hate 80%20 shoes... but they are actually pretty cool!

little shadow said...

I really admire your writing style; your blog doesn't get enough credit!