such a dirty mind, i always get it up for the touch of the younger kind


well, its the third day of the semester, so you probably all know what i'm going to say next - things are crazy, i'm getting it together, settling into the school schedule, and so on and so forth.. but what's really tripping me up is the fact that this is my last semester, which means that i'm now looking up jobs and freelance positions and churning out writing samples like a machine in addition to the usual academic hubbub. impending adulthood is indeed a scary thing.

but looking on the bright side, no hiatus is necessary, just give me a couple of days. i've got a couple of posts waiting in the wings for edits and images, so it won't be too long.

in other news, how wonderful is this riley keough spread? color me smitten, sis boom bah.



rebecca said...

school is just mad a t the moment for me as well. just getting through it slowly and trying to post more than once a week! x

ellesappelle said...

she looks great!