let me see your earrings jingle, love


i'm loving the fact that clips from both these movies were shown in lecture today.. and that i don't have class on wednesdays. senior spring is shaping up just fine.

there were conflicting reports on the groundhog front today, but i'm gonna claim hometown pride and go with staten island chuck's prediction of an early spring. bring on the florals and rising hemlines.

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Tzoules said...

pretty woman :D

rebecca said...

i love watching films in lesson and lucky you getting to watch such good films! last time we watched a film in lesson it was my fair lady! x

Tzoules said...

nothing to thanks for =)

Thanks so much for ur comment =)
It mades my day =) reading all this nice things =) I try to keep my best with my blog =)
I hope u visit me again =)

Tzoules K.