here's your ticket, pack your bag, time for jumpin' overboard

reason #6279 why i can't get my own apartment soon enough:

i come home from school to find out that my father has slowly but surely been packing up and throwing out my magazine collection, books both brand new and old, and other treasured paper goods. effin' blasphemy.

i'm not really sure how to handle this, since past protests have fallen on deaf ears, but i'm so angry i can't see straight. graduation day can't come soon enough.


Damsels said...

aww. i dont know how i would handle that.
the boosk especially
this is why i really love the idea of a kindle.

maybe you can store them away or soemthing . until you can get your own place

chaoticsense said...

sounds terrible. and i totally know how you feel about graduation day.

that's a nice photo you've found though.

F Blog said...

ahh that is awful!

CMA said...

thanks for sharing darling
and thanks for the comments, means the world!


The Man from Amsterdam said...

Love his style. rock n roll.

whatiwore said...

Nnnnno! I would be furious. I'm so sorry!

UnoCosa said...

oh! tbhis would totally piss me often hanging there - time to get your own apt is approaching ;-) xx

little shadow said...

Thats ridiculous! What right does he have to do that? Gosh, I hate parents. And i'm not being irrational and i'm not even kidding.