every sermon is not the gospel, babe

after thirty-three courses, eight semesters, one summer in paris, and four long years, it seems i can finally call myself a college graduate.

as the future unfolds before me, i'm almost certain that the silent, hazy tendrils of nostalgia will eventually obscure the clarity of my mind's eye, transforming my college memories into a happy remembrance of great friendships, inspiring lectures, and a lively party scene, with the occasional all-nighter thrown in for good measure.

but just about a week after all the pomp and circumstance of commencement, i can still easily conjure up all the frustration, restlessness, feelings of isolation, and crippling stress that plagued me all too often during these past few years. so although i'm indebted to my college experience for a number of things, above all else, i feel incredibly relieved that it's over and i'm all too happy to walk away from it.

" They might break and they might fall, but the girls from New York City don't
They just start again, start again... "

the fact that i'm lucky enough to jump ship and land in new york? well, that's just the icing on the cake. i've felt hopelessly cut off from this city practically since the moment i left, so simply being here is a great first step in whatever direction i end up taking.

so what's next? honestly, your guess is as good as mine, but this blog should be a great place to check in for updates. without my stock excuse of " Sorry guys, school has just been out of control lately! " i think it's high time that Pandora's Closet undergo a revival (see new layout; still in progress), don't you?

let's talk soon.


Ali said...

congratulations on graduating! and... awesome photo.
I've got about 6 months to go and I am SO ready to be done with education.

rebecca said...

it must be amazing to finish. loving the new layout, its alays nice to hav a new layout, to make blogging ore fun! x