i try to play god, do my best to keep the heat at bay

[clockwise, from top left: fendi slingbacks, $476; kate spade luci slingbacks, $325; mar y sol marielle clutch, $75; asos sunny wedges, $42.27; kate spade narina flats, $260; ralph lauren blue label monogram belt, $595; fendi pumps, $695; topshop tapdance plimsolls, $30; asos raffia bow headband, $10.15]

it's been really, really hot this week. the past few days have been nothing but searing sunlight beating down mercilessly for hours on end, daring a cloud to try and get in its way.

so when i found myself - in defiance of all heat advisories - sitting out by a pool with no shade whatsoever on the first day of camp, my only line of defense was a bit of sunscreen and a floppy straw hat from j.crew that i picked up a couple of weeks ago. although i couldn't manage to stop my profuse sweating by sheer willpower, i felt grateful for the hat and its built-in shade, even though it probably looked pretty ridiculous paired with my standard issue camp staff tee and gym shorts.

that's when my brain must have started to sizzle, because then my thought process became tenuous, jumping from straw to wicker to hemp and finally settling on raffia. i was irrationally consumed by thoughts of raffia until i finally got home and satisfied the craving with some online window shopping. luckily, the ceiling fan in my bedroom kept temperatures cool enough to stop me from buying recklessly, but i can't be held responsible for sun-induced shopping if this heat wave doesn't let up soon.. just sayin'.



the fendi slingbacks are awesome. love how it writes "fendi" in the front of the heel part instead of the back.

we were tigers said...

i know what you mean about the heat, it definitely is not letting up here either, i really love the fendi bow pumps and the lace up flats!

katielouise said...

i like the pumps in the middle actually. kinda understated but classy with the right stuff i think

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Btw, I also saw those red and white shorts in Zara!
The white ones suit so much more clothes than the red ones, so you shouldn't reconsider! :d
Great blog! <3

we were tigers said...

its definitely a fun thing to have, now i just need to get really comfortable with my camera


i love the wedges