gonna run your body right into the ground

what do you get when you spend eight hours a day, five days a week chasing after forty or so little ones?

frequent headaches and a hopelessly battered pair of keds, not to mention an epic tan. i believe this is what they call 'burning the candle at both ends.'

i've been pretty good about saving my money lately - the prospect of shelling out broker fees on an apartment will turn you into a pennypincher quickly - but when i stopped to observe the sorry state of my once-pristine white keds, i decided to quell my inner scrooge and find some suitable replacements.


i'm adamant about the bottoms my sneakers being as thin as possible, which has led me to run through more pairs of flimsy urban outfitters canvas lace-ups than i like to admit. so when my future roommate, jess, sported a pair of delightfully slim-soled kicks last weekend, i immediately pounced, demanding details. i was surprised to learn that they were converse, since they seemed so much more refined than the slightly clunky star-stamped high tops i sported back in high school.

i wasted no time - one week later, i was in a no-name soho shoe store, snapping up a pair of size eights for myself. i've still got one week of camp left, but these bright whites are will be staying home until i find a slightly lower-risk environment for their debut.


Ali said...

I have a thin for wanting really thin sneakers, too! They just feel right, haha. But I'm glad you got a pair, those look awesome!~

My Republic of Fashion said...

I love battered runners, but those converse are great!SarahD:)

Indie.Tea said...

Those converses are very cute, actually. I've never seen them before.

Isquisofrenia said...

hahha i have some white jack purcell that i have to throw them away
they were ripping hole in all
they were my loves!

Damsels said...

those will be mine soon! thanks for the tip

katielouise said...

sounds similar to my summer chasing around after little french kids while teaching at a summer camp. too bad it was in england so the tan was in short supply. never mind though as of friday ill be sunning it up all over the place til september. happy days!

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ellevictoire said...

i have some sneakers that look your yours too - they're quite tattered but i still love to wear them.
those white converses look great too :) i might order a pair myself

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

MAN. I actually love those battered sneakers! Quite full of character! ;) But hey, the new ones are great too!

Enjoy your last week of camp! Aren't little children the best? And the most annoying? But also the best? (I'm a little indecisive.)


Anonymous said...

LOVE your keds!! They are my favorite shoe and they only look better the more they wear in. Please post more pics of you in Keds and the white Urban outfitter sneakers.