these slippery people help us understand

"you can tell the state of civilisation by the way people dress. if the people who fought two world wars came back to 2010 and saw all of us running around in tracksuits, what would they think? it is just about being sloppy. and it is not about the money - it is a mindset."
-daphne guinness


[via past seasons ghosts]


Damsels said...

whos wearing a tracksuit? haha

LML said...

i love that quote - it is sooo true!

ANA MATTOS said...

genious :P

Ali said...

Hahaha, that is a great quotes. I love great quotes. And I totally loved your comment. :D!! I will follow you right back, blogbuddy. <33 We should definitely ban together and find all the Michael Jackson-loving bloggers (aka the best bloggers ever?!) and start a clan. 8D