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there are still leaves left on branches here in the city, but if you're anything like me, it's never too early to start longing for the sweet return of summer. what can i say? i have a thing for daylight.

while i'd love to start planning an epic excursion, the whole process is pretty speculative, since i'm funneling about ninety-eight percent of my income into paying rent these days. i'm far too lazy to start working on a beach bod - not now, not ever - so i'm left with no choice but to start piecing together next year's warm weather wardrobe.


enter los angeles-based veloce hats, who dropped me a line earlier today* announcing their noir '10 collection, cue infatuation. granted, they had me at "cycling caps," since i've been into them since the days of mars "is it the shoes?" blackmon (see my poster handiwork below) and white men can't jump. the colors of the original partyme collection added fuel to the fire, making a host of '90s-inspired outfit dreams materialize before my very eyes, just before the noir collection came along and doused the flames of my neon premonition with a cool splash of black and charcoal.

let's just say my inner fly girl is very, very excited about this.


*i rarely ever post about anything the day i receive an email about it, so this was seriously love at first sight.


Isquisofrenia said...

thank you for your comment!

Ali said...

Already working on your summer wardrobe?! xD hehehe, I need to work on my winter one! I have no long sleeve T-shirts, it's pathetic. xD

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AGREED. I have a thing for the sunlight. Apparently, the sun doesn't have a thing for me. I haven't seen the good fella' in DAYS now.

Awwww? I KNOW.