des paniers, des bouteilles, des paquets, et la radio

october 2010
as you can see, i still love this sweater and the concept of striking a proper pose still cracks me up.


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AH SO FIERCE. I LOVE THIS. Orange recently dawned upon me as a TOTALLY AWESOME COLOUR. I look heinous when I wear it. However, you look AWESOME.


Ali said...

Hey! There's the orange sweater in your header! :D I SPY WIN.

The orange looks great with all the black and white. How do you manage to do that without looking like a pumpkin? You are an impressive woman! :)) <3

elena-anna said...

love your blog. keep up the good work

check mine if you have time :) follow me if you like it and i will follow you


Raez said...

you're adorable in orange, my dear! and thank you for your sweet comment :) will definitely try to live it up this year!

xx raez

Luxi said...

that orange looks so good on you, good enough to eat nomnom


CDG said...

Even though I hardly ever wear bright colors, I freakin LOVE bright colors. This sweater is totally awesome. And love the boots.

Aniek said...

Wow, really like this colour on you! It's so flashing x

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Oh man. I love this outfit!!! That orange shirt is the perfect pop of colour!

Jo said...

The orange suits you so well! x www.lostinthehaze.com


Aww you look so cute, happy and adorable!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

the colour looks amazing on you! you have a beautifulo smile :)


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