i was born in a house with the television always on


today marks the official end of holiday vacation and a return to stylelikeu's brand-spankin' new offices, which means that my epic television show marathon must come to an end.

i started by resurrecting last christmas' alfred hitchcock presents binge, making my way into the beginning of season three, stopping briefly to watch a few episodes of the cosby show and the wonder years, and that was all before i even ventured away from my laptop and actually turned on an actual television. i was all set to watch bewitched, but then i noticed that tabitha was walking and talking, which meant that the episode was going to be one of those godawful episodes featuring the mean darren, so i kept clicking away until i saw major nelson's beautiful face flash before my eyes - score.

i don't say this about very many men, but larry hagman is just an absolute dream. i mean, really - i would probably set up shop at his place and wait on him hand and foot too if i got the chance.. you know, pre-dallas/senescence.

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Luxi said...

he is the stone fox, as are you bebeyyy