dr. everything'll-be-alright will make everything go wrong


get organized. relearn french. maintain/rekindle relationships (facebook doesn't count). purge your wardrobe of unwanted/unused things. join a mentoring program. exercise every now and then, ya slackass. try out a new look. learn to play harmonica...or drums...or guitar. overcome your aversion to wheels and learn to drive and ride a bike.. and maybe skateboard, while you're at it. stop shopping with abandon. don't talk about it, be about it. take more pictures - now that your camera is fixed, you have no excuse.

addendum: learn to cook..something, anything. the delivery guys are great, but you've become far too familiar with them lately.


Morgan. said...

love it. I'm a big fan of new years resolutions..I should definitely add 'purge your wardrobe of unwanted/unused things' to mine...
love the old pictures of you in the previous post too..they're so pretty & candid :)

-love your blog, and looking forward to the new year reading it :)

heart charlie said...

I love it! very ambitious, you can do it ;)

wobblinbetty said...

Happy new year!


i like these resolutions. i could benefit from doing a few of these myself!