in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee

at a work-sanctioned party, one of the only kinds i attend these days.

once upon a time, i lived nocturnally just for the hell of it. i juggled four or five courses plus a part-time job and whatever extracurricular activities struck my fancy, but come friday night, there were few things that could keep me indoors. it's not like the campus nightlife scene was particularly riveting, but i'm prone to nighttime bursts of energy, the kinds that don't sit well with academic pursuits.

my wide-eyed nighttime endeavors went beyond the weekends. at dusk, i dangled jovial prospects in front of my friends, luring them away from their books for indefinite "study breaks" and soldiering on into the night long after they'd drifted off into sweet slumber.


so you can imagine my surprise (and dismay) when i realized a couple of months ago that i was having trouble staying up past midnight, whether for work or play. it pained me to admit it, but i think i've gone soft. of course, it's a happy predicament of sorts - skipping multiple classes during college left me with energy to spare, but now i'm lucky enough to work at a place that i enjoy getting up early and staying in late for, so i could potentially relish my well-deserved sleep at the end of the day, but...no. among a few other things - relearning french, devising at least a loose workout regimen, purging my wardrobe of unused pieces - i feel like pandora needs to get her groove back in 2011. this whole adulthood spiel is really taking it out of me, but the nights, as they say, are still young.

happy new year, kids!



Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AH I LOVE THESE PICTURES. They are so fierce. And those pants? WOWZA I LURVE IT.

Happy New Year! I hope you make it to midnight! Haha. I'm sure you will!

Raez said...

oh wow! those white pants are unreal, so sick! really dig this look, and I hope you aheva great new year too, babe ;)

xx raez

comedyrocks.com said...

Since clicking on your blog by accident I find myself returning often. Thank you for the frequent updates!
Best of Heath and Happiness in 2011!

Luxi said...

these photos are gorgeous. I am in love with them. they are so happy



them trousers are banging

Anonymous said...

You have some great taste! That outfit is too cute.