who needs a house out in hackensack


about a week ago, i set about the depressing task of setting aside the vast majority of my paycheck for rent/assorted bills and was surprised to find that i had a bit more than the usual pittance left over.

while the archives of this blog reveal a ridiculous chronicle of my undergraduate habit of receiving and blowing paychecks over the course of one day, the past three months have been a seeerious strugglefest with only two garment purchases - totaling less than forty dollars, no less - to report. i decided to let myself buy a thing or two, dusted the cobwebs off my credit card, and started hitting up my old e-commerce haunts.

and then a funny thing happened.. nothing seemed worth purchasing. several things caught my eye, but every time i tried to settle on an item and proceed to checkout, i balked. i began to worry that my shopping muscles had completely atrophied, especially when i couldn't bring myself to buy anything five days later, even with extra christmas cash in tow.

today, i finally zeroed in on a wool backpack and two pairs of vintage short shorts and made the leap. two of the three items may not have been the most practical things in the world to buy, but i was serious about getting a head start on that summer wardrobe

what snowstorm?

[via urban outfitters, ramona west]


Ali said...

Oh, I definitely know the feeling! I go shopping and things catch my eye and I like them but then I doubt myself and put them away before I check out. :( 'Tis depressing, even with extra Christmas monies!~

But I am very glad you made some purchases! :) I hope you enjoy them. <33333

Emma said...

Hi there!
What a lovely blog you have here! Lotts of nice pictures and good inspiration! Thanks for sharing, keep it up!

Wanna be followers? Let me know ;)

Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

Ivania said...

I have the same... pay so manu bills! but with less resources you become even more creative and I realized that fashion isn't about buying and consuming AT ALL! with 40 euro's I could still buy 5 great vintage pieces :)

jessica said...

forget about the snow, the summer's where it's at !

Christine said...

i totally get what you're talking about. love the shorts by the way :)

wobblinbetty said...

oh dear, I know that feeling so well :)
But sometimes you really need to shop... :)
really love your purchases!

Luxi said...

your blog is so inspiring


Janet Viktoria said...

that happened to me this summer...it sucks! but it's always good to look forward to the new season.

Ali said...

Hahah! Those are specific very pants (that sound very awesome, by the way).. times like that are when you wish you could magically design your own clothes 8D