and i just know we'll have a good time

i know fashion week has got everybody running around town like well-heeled chickens with their heads cut off, but to be completely honest, i've got other things on my mind. what, you ask, could possibly be more enthralling than runway recaps and a massive surge of street style photography? well, in just a couple of weeks, i will be heading to disney world.

some people make pilgrimages to mecca. i go to disney world. it doesn't happen nearly as often as i'd like, so when the occasion arises, i like to be prepared. this time around, the boy and i are making the trek to celebrate our fifth anniversary, and my to-do list has been sitting untouched. i have to draft an itinerary - not a moment is left to chance - figure out my wardrobe and, perhaps most importantly, start working on a costume. i'm used to visiting disney during the summer, but our late september departure happens to line up with mickey's not-so-scary halloween party and we've decided to go as a young carl and ellie from up. i'm too excited to sleep.

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