heaven help me, i didn't see the devil in your eye

"my mother was a jazz fanatic and she wanted me to play the piano so i could play jazz tunes. i wish i had learned, but i was too busy getting into trouble." - etta james

"i like speed, yellow convertibles, empty churches, food, occasional parties and dancing. i detest insects, hypocrites, giggly girls, elevators, rigid conformists and men who boast of their innumerable conquests.” - connie francis

misses jamesetta hawkins and concetta rosa maria franconero have been on heavy rotation around these parts lately. they both have an uncanny ability to sing songs about the sweet splendor of love without sounding the least bit docile. in fact, they seem like the kind of girls that could drink you under the table in a heartbeat. i get the feeling they'd make great weekend companions.


The GUILTY HYENA said...

Boy did they both have smashing real names!

Colleen said...

That last portrait is gorgeous. Why can't more people look that effortlessly pretty and less trashy?


Loads of Love,