it's the latest, it's the greatest

for a self-proclaimed aesthetic enthusiast, i put surprisingly little effort into choosing the one accessory that sits on my face all day long. i used to take eyewear pretty seriously, but every time i found a batch of flattering frames in theory, i'd put them on and be shocked at how bad they looked in practice. by the end of the ordeal, i'd inevitably be sporting something basic just to end the ordeal and save face. i convinced myself that an interesting wardrobe would make up for my nonexistent optical steez.

my apathy reached new heights after my last eye exam, when i actually asked my mother - the woman whom i won't trust to buy my socks - to choose some glasses for me. she came up with pair of perfectly respectable black rectangle frames, and i've been underwhelming the masses with them ever since. then i moved to the east village, where you can't swing a purse without hitting six people wearing amazing glasses, apparently all acquired from fabulous fanny's. yesterday, curiosity got the best of me, as did these frames. for starters, they're not black, they're not boring, and they suit me (i think). my face is feeling more captivating already.


romwe said...

See your stylish stares & your glassese frames...unique..


The GUILTY HYENA said...

Satisfying to find the pair of glasses that hit the spot!