be prepared for the murkiest scam

"we can joke about this on monday morning. but until then, it's a matter of life and death." as long as we remain calmer than our mayor, i think we'll be all right this weekend. [via twitter]

'pastel plaid,' welcome to my short list of etsy search terms. i'll pass on the snakeskin boots, though. [via i love wildfox]

the latest addictions piece is up! [via stylelikeu]

now that i have a fledgling tumblr of my own, i'm getting the biggest kick out of finding gems like this. is it bad that i would still wear at least thirty percent of this stuff today? [via]

irene brought these shoes to my attention and, along with the charlotte olympia kitty flats i've been pining for, this is just too much to handle. [via]

[via terra new york]

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