it's a scorcher out there

unforgivable absence, i know. i'm back in new york for a couple of days, in which i have to take care of everything for paris. and what did i do today? buy shoes. real productive.

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*headband: urban outfitters; sunnies: thrifted; tank top: macy's; necklace, purse, skirt: h&m. pardon my excessive sweat; heat waves will do that to you.

oh, and also? vampire weekend and kid sister? june 14th in central park? free? really? does someone up there hate me that much? because i'm pretty sure that's the exact same day that i have to leave. there is no justice.


NICOLE said...

i really like that skirt


LML said...

awesome outfit! sorta roman holiday audrey hepburn esque - totally digging it!

oo thats not fair - vampire weekend is my current fave!